Hi, my name is Joshua.
I develop websites and apps for the modern web

I specialize in CMS sites (Wordpress/Shopify/Squarespace) and Javascript driven applications/websites
I love working with modern javascript tools like React and Node.js
Below are a few of the projects I have worked on. Feel free to have a look around :)

web applications

Dang Thats Delicious

A web applicaatino built with Node.js, Express, and mongoDB. Uses the MCV pattern and allows for clients to sign in, recover lost passwords, create new stores, like stores, leave reviews, and serach based on text/tags/popularity/location.


A networking site for professionals built using React.js/Redux/React Router 4. Utilizes middleware to gather content from API sources (Work in Progress)


A store checkout web app made with React.js that animates and keeps track of purchases for customers and provides a nice UI for store owners to add and remove inventory. Uses Google firebase to hold data and authenticate

Local Weather Web App

A web app that utilizes modern javascript and API's to gather and display information about local weather. Includes flexible icons and favicons which auto update to compliment the current weather

CMS websites

Pirros Sauce

A Chicago based sauce company that came to me to revamp their digital presence. This customized, fully responsive site utilizes the shopify CMS for the ecom benefits.

Mark Ulanowicz for Mayor

Campaign website for Multnomah County Auditor run in 2018


Settlemiers is a jacket manufacturing company located in the heart of north east Portland Oregon. Rooted in history and tradition, this family owned business has been producing quality american made jackets and patches in Portland for nearly 25 years. Aiming to increase their reach in their industry, Settlemiers hired me to art direct and build them a CMS rooted website. Working with a logo designer and photographer, I designed and built what would become settlemiersjackets.com


New Portfolio Site

An updated portfolio site built on React to achieve an SPA. Have a look around :)


This is a new duo dj project started between myself and close friend Dorian Duvall. Prepare to move your feet


Technique design was born in 2014 as a school project to build a website. The project was open-ended and the instructions were simple: build a functioning site from scratch. Since then the site has gone through multiple revamps and identities; each stemming from my new abilities and knowledge of web design and modern front end coding. Today the site is the digital home base for an imaginary collective of designer, artist, and photographer. On this home base they showcase their work and desire for collaboration. What will this collective show us next? Stay tuned

Let’s make something extraordinary